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​Designer and Vintage Shoe Restoration, and much more!

 Shoes & Boots

  •   ​Heels 
  •   Soles 
  •   Topy Sole Protection
  •   Stretch
  •   Clean/Shine
  •   Water repellent application
  •   Toe Tips
  •    Ballroom Dance Shoes

Hand bags​

  •    Straps Shortened
  •    Patch work
  •    Clean, color, condition
  •    Zippers- repaired/replaced
  •    Replace hardware


  •   Shorten
  •   Reglaze
  •   Replace buckles/hardware
  •   Holes added


  •    Hardware replaced
  •    Straps
  •    Zippers - repaired/replaced

Leather Jackets/Coats

  •    Tears repaired
  •    Zippers repaired/replaced 
  •    Conditioning
  •    Buttons Attached

Misc  Article Repair

  •     Baseball Gloves
  •     Dog Leashes
  •     Luggage repair
  •     Velcro/Elastic Replacement
  •     Footwear Prescriptions Filled
  •     Orthopedic Modifications  



   Meet Buzz​
Buzz was adopted in January 2012 where Don and Elaine found him at PetSmart.  He was brought to Portland from New Mexico with 30 other dogs that were to be euthanized. 

Buzz sez:

Don't Chew Shoes.
(even though my Master can repair them)

​Check Your Closets Now for Needed Repairs! Break out the colors. Those new shoes hurt your feet - - bring them in for a "pre-break in" stretch.​

                 The Best Tip (A Story From a Different Perspective)
Today I was hanging around the shop with my master and an old friend came in to pick up his shoes.  This friend, John, has known my master for a very long time. They met when John was a young man.  He was about to go to his first job interview after college.  John wanted to get his tattered old shoes looking like new so he could leave a lasting impression on the employer.  My master being the kind and helpful man he is told John "Sorry son, these shoes aren't worth your money or my time to repair.  You are ready for a new pair... Can I give you some advice? Go to the mall and buy yourself a few pairs of nice Allen Edmond dress shoes.  Then bring them back here to get sole protections put on them.  I can promise you that if you do this and keep them maintained you will have these shoes for decades to come."  That is exactly what John did and guess what guys.  Those are the shoes that John was picking up.  All these years later his twenty year old shoes looked just as good as they had the day he bought them. 



 Donald "Don" Myers, Owner and President of NEW SHOES, Master Craftsman, Orthopedic Shoe Technician (OST), and Pedorthist is an owner and leader in the Shoe and Boot Recrafting industry for 35 years. His extensive experience stems from an initial six year apprenticeship learning from over four generations of Old World Italian and Czechoslovakian Master Craftsmen, some of the best in the world! 

Don’s first business venture was in 1979 with the purchase of Astoria Shoe Repair in Astoria, Oregon, Boot Country USA at the young age of 24. Donald successfully managed his first venture under the new name of “North Coast Cobbler Shoppe” for 6 years.  During this time he launched his concept of “pickup and repair” for shoes and boots at local Dry Cleaners in Portland, Oregon. In 1987 The In-Step Corporation was born and the concept was sold. 24 locations serving Portland’s high end shoe and boot rebuilding needs were opened. After understanding the need for a local physical presence, in 1991, he decided on moving The In-Step Corporation to Downtown Tigard in and is in his 27th year of business at this same location.

1998 he launched www.newshoes.com and has become an international leader within his industry. 

In 1999 he made another strategic business move and decided it was imperative to bring a complete Foot Care Management environment to the Metro area and enrolled into Oklahoma, Tulsa OSU and completed his coarse work in Pedorthics which is a profession that deals with complete foot care management, orthotic fabrication, external shoe and boot modifications which are available by appointment.

Through the years he has become recognized internationally. In 1998,1999,2000,2001 he has been the proud recipient of over fifteen international awards sponsored by the SSIA. Four of these include the prestigious Silver Cup Awards and retailer of the year!  Then in 2015 he won the Bronze World Cup Award for a new category of “World’s Best Shoe Repair”.

Simply put www.newshoes.com is without question the most complete professional, Shoe and Boot restoration service available.

In addition to the above, Don is a member in good standing in the Tigard Chamber of Commerce, has volunteered for coordinating the Tigard Street Fair, is a judge for the Tigard Art Walk, and an active stake holder in the local Tigard Downtown Alliance (TDA).

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